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Decline of Gurukul System

India has always boasted of a rich tradition in the area of learning and education since ancient times. It is well known that people from other parts of the world such as Europe, the Middle East etc came to India to get a quality education. One of the famous educational systems practised in India in the ancient times was The Gurukul System.

Why gurukul culture went extinct in india?

The Gurukul system was an ancient form of education in India, where students lived with their teachers (Gurus) in an ashram-like environment and received holistic education. This system was prevalent in India for several centuries, but it gradually declined and eventually disappeared.

There are several reasons for the decline of the Gurukul system in India:

British colonialism: The British colonization of India had a significant impact on Indian education systems. The British introduced a modern system of education that was modeled on the Western education system, which led to the decline of traditional Indian education systems like the Gurukul. Lord Macaulay, the then Governor General Of India beleived that in order to rule over India they would have to destroy the ancient and traditional aspects of Indian Education System and replace it with the British Education in order to make the population easy to be colonized.

Industrialization: The rapid industrialization of India post colonization also contributed to the decline of the Gurukul system. The focus shifted from traditional education to more modern, specialized education that could support the needs of industrialization.

Urbanization: The shift of population from rural to urban areas also led to the decline of the Gurukul system. As the population shifted to urban areas, traditional systems of education were replaced by more modern forms of education that could meet the needs of an urban population.

Lack of patronage: The Gurukul system relied heavily on the patronage of wealthy individuals and kings. As the political and economic systems changed in India, the patronage for traditional systems of education declined, leading to the eventual extinction of the Gurukul system.

In summary, the decline of the Gurukul system was the result of several factors, including British colonialism, industrialization, urbanization, and a lack of patronage. While the system is scarcely prevalent in India, it has left a lasting impact on Indian culture and education.


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