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“Whoever is not pure in mind about the movement of the Dham will get itching…. I have not established Dham for financial gains…”

The process of Prabhu Kripa Samagam started in December, 2002. Till then “Ayurvigyan ke Rahasya” had completed its 200 days on Aastha Channel. In those programmes Gurudev just by a mere glance at the photograph would state the diseases and the problems of the person and then advise the treatment in the form of divine medicines and divine mantras. In those days the inflow of letters was so much that it was not only impossible to read those numerous letters but also impossible to open them and have a glance. 

One day when this problem was stated to Gurudev, he gave a solution by saying, “Now by the divine grace of God, we will solve the problems of the people by giving the divine mantras collectively to the persons. You organise the Samagam for this purpose.” After this the first Prabhu Kripa Samagam was decided to be organized at New Delhi at Hindu Maha Sabha near Birla Mandir on 21st nd – 22 December. A few days after this announcement Gurudev unfolded a strange “leela”.  

Along with his Personal Secretary, Gurudev went to the house of a learned gentlemen. There he discussed in detail about the Samagam and the future activities of the “Dham”. During the conversation, the gentleman remarked, “Gurudev, you have a large treasure of the sacred mantras which you plan to give to the people in the samagam. You should charge a good sum of money in the form of entry fee.” Gurudev heard this silently and then all of a sudden he said, “ I have to go to Mehrauli for some specific work. What ever plans you have, think about these.” Then he turned to his P.A. and said, “His suggestions are very good. You sit with him to discuss, I will leave.”  

Saying this, Gurudev got up and left. As Guruji’s P.A. resumed the on going discussion with the gentleman, he (the gentleman) started feeling restless and said “What is happening, Why am I getting the sensation of itching ?. In a few moments, the gentleman got so irritated that he was off with his kurta and then his inner garment. Due to immense itching, red patches emerged on his back. The gentlemen remarked, “ We will discuss the topic later. I want to rest now.”  

Guruji’s P.A. took leave of the gentleman and returned home. At about 12 o’ clock at night, Gurudev rang his P.A and asked “Is the discussion over.?. The P.A. replied “Yes Gurudev”. Gurudev further said, “Have you noted down the points. These were important. “P.A. replied in short saying “Yes Gurudev.” After pausing for a few moments Gurudev again said “Is he alright ?. Is his health fine.?” Gurudev’s P.A. laughingly remarked, “Gurudev, it is next to impossible to hide anything from you. After you left, his health deteriorated and he started itching. “  

On hearing this Gurudev seriously said, “Yes whoever is not pure in mind about the movement of the “ Dham “ will get itching. I have not established this “Dham” for financial gains. God ill take care of the one, who thinks it to be so.”  

Even now Gurudev frequently remarks, “Do you want to remain pure or experience itching.” 


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