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Gurudev’s teachings through leelas

Travelling along the spiritual path with Gurudev, there have been many experiences where many a times outwardly, it has been seen that Gurudev would make a person feel that he (Guruji) has accepted his (the person’s) request. But afterwards he would unfold such a play that would keep the person wondering.  

Such an experience came to light in March 2003 at Haridwar. Gurudev was invited as the Chief Guest in a special programme organised in the famous Jain Mandir. As per Gurudev’s instructions the camera team reached the place a day prior to the programme. On the day of the programme at around 12 noon a phone call was received from Gurudev saying, “We are at the VIP Ghat at Harki Paudi, a senior Minister in Mauritius Government and a Producer of a TV Channel are also along with us. You come here.”  

The camera team reached the Ghat according to Gurudev’s instructions. There the Hon’ble Minister was getting a special Pooja of Mother Ganga performed by Brahmins in the presence of Shri Gurudev.  

In a short while, the organiser of the programme in the Jain Mandir, Mr. J K Jain also reached the spot. After completing the pooja, all came and sat down at a place. The time for the scheduled programme was nearing so Mr. Jain requested Gurudev and also the Minister to come for the programme. The Minister replied, “We have to go to Delhi and I am taking Gurudev along with me now.’’ Mr. Jain was surprised to hear this. In a somewhat tense tone he said, “How is it possible ?. Swamiji is the Chief Guest of our today’s programme, the District Magistrate of Haridwar is also going to come for the programme. He also wants to meet Swamiji. In such a situation how is it possible for Swamiji to leave the programme and return to Delhi?”. Mr. Jain and the Respected Minister started arguing with each other. Gurudev told both of them, “Neither will you (Mr. Jain) go against his (Minister’s) wish nor will you (Minister) go against his (Mr. Jain’s) wish. I too will not go against both of your wishes.”  

The Hon’ble Minister raised the point “ I have come all the way from Mauritius to meet Gurudev only. You stay here in India. You can contact him (Gurudev) some other time. But it is not possible for me to come to India again and again”. At this request Mr. Jain was speechless. Gurudev along with the Minister and the senior most officer of the Channel left for Delhi.  

The next day the officer rang up Gurudev’s P.A. and said “Where is Gurudev ?” The PA replied. “You should be knowing it. He went along with you.” The officer then disclosed “On reaching Delhi’s border Gurudev got down from the car saying, “You reach the hotel, I will come there in a short while.” However, till now he has not yet arrived. Gurudev is also not at home. The Minister is going back to Mauritius by morning flight. He wants to meet Gurudev urgently. He is getting worried.”  

Gurudev reached his residence after two days and narrated the whole incident to his P.A. in this way, “Actually, on the way from Haridwar to Delhi, the gentleman seated in the car thought that he had been successful as a Minister, in bringing Gurudev from Haridwar. I read his mind and on reaching the outskirts of Delhi, I got down from the car, hired a taxi and reached my Meditation spot.”  

Such type of leela was also shown by Gurudev during the organisation of th the 26 Prabhu Kripa Samagam at Ujjain in May, 2004 at the Mahakumbh. Mr. Agarwal of Singhstha Samiti had organised the Samagam. The organisers were somewhat wealthy. Hence their behaviour was somewhat different. When those people reached Indore airport to welcome Gurudev, he had already informed his P.A. regarding this.  

The Vice President of the Agarwal Singhstha Samiti, Mr. Santosh Agarwal had arranged for the stay of Gurudev in his own luxurious Bungalow. When Gurudev reached his Bungalow, there were many people waiting to meet him in the drawing room, but Gurudev said, “I will not meet anyone before the Samagam gets over.” Gurudev also refused to meet even the family members of Mr. Agarwal.  

When the Samagam was in its final stage Gurudev said to the devotees, “According to your faith you contribute as much as you can to the organisers of the Samiti.” Hearing this the organisers became restless. They refused to abide by Gurudev’s request. After a long argument the organisers pleaded Gurudev to announce that each devotee should give only a single rupee.  

Gurudev said, “I can not do that. According to the law of God, whatever an individual offers at the feet of the Lord, receives the same in return. A person who is capable of giving more can give more than a single rupee.”  

After the Samagam was over, Gurudev ’s P.A. requested him, “Looking at the behaviour of the organisers, we should at once move out from here.” Surprisingly Gurudev had shifted from Mr. Agarwal’s Bungalow to the Kumbh Camp. Gurudev calmly said, “It is already too late, you better go and sleep, you can see Lord’s divine play in the morning.”  

The next day when all the Sevadars were ready and waiting in their respective camps, many senior office bearers of the organising Samiti requested to meet Gurudev. When Gurudev was informed about it, he said, “Bring them after sometime, by the time I will complete my prayers.”  

As per Gurudev’s instructions, all the senior office bearers of the Samiti went to see Gurudev. Gurudev told each of them about their problems, their diseases and their solutions one by one. They were greatly impressed by Gurudev’s spiritual power and were ashamed of their behaviour. All had tears in their eyes. It is Gurudev’s super human behaviour that he does not take any step without Lord’s permission. It is not possible to know about this initially but then slowly the truth comes to light through Gurudev’s grace.  

There are many such experiences and amongst them is the following which outwardly seems simple but has a divine secret in it:— This incident is of 26th January, 2003. Gurudev along with his P.A. had to go to Mehrauli for some important work. Gurudev rang up and said, “I have completed my prayers. I am ready to go now. You can come.” To this P.A. replied, “Gurudev, it is essential to take Mr. Prem Sagar along with us for that important work.” Gurudev “ then replied,” Just wait, I will ring you up in ten minutes.”  

When there was no call from Gurudev even after the lapse of half an hour, he called up . Gurumaa was on the line. When asked Gurumaa reported, “ Gurudev is performing his prayer. After he had spoken to you, he again went straight to his pooja room. He is still there. He will contact you when he returns.” 

After some time Gurudev called him and said, “Come on and give the message to Mr. Prem Sagar also. I am ready. When asked about this Gurudev disclosed the secret in the following manner, “Initially I took permission from Lord to come along with you. When you told me about him, I again went to the Pooja Room to take permission to do so. Lord gave me the permission, now you come at once.” After this all the three of them left for Mehrauli for that special work.  

Gurudev has one more pattern of behaviour. If he sees someone not satisfied with him, he showers his grace more on that person. There are many incidents of such type. One such incident is of the Samagam at Bangalore. One gentleman participated in the Samagam. After the Samagam, he called upon Gurudev to come and bless his house. Gurudev lovingly went to his house. The gentleman welcomed Gurudev with great feelings.  

The next day it so happened that the same gentleman became dissatisfied on something. Actually the desire which he had expressed was improper. When we discussed about this matter, Gurudev replied, “There is no doubt that the desire expressed by him is improper but I will not dissatisfy anyone before leaving Bangalore”  

When asked Gurudev replied, “Whether a healthy person or a sick person comes to a doctor. Ahealthy person does not require a doctor, also a doctor does not require a healthy person. God has given me the very duty to serve the sick.” 

Gurudev narrated the following incident to elaborate his point. “Once Swami Vivekanand was sitting beside a river. He was repeatedly trying to rescue a poisonous scorpion from the water. But the scorpion would sting him and again go to the water he hardly succeeded. This went on for quite sometime. Ramakrishna Paramhans appeared on the scene and asked his disciple Swami Vivekanand, as to why was he trying to rescue the scorpion when it is stinging him again and again. Swami Vivekanand replied, “Gurudev, when a scorpion is not ready to change his behaviour, then why should I change my behaviour ? It is scorpion’s nature to sting and it is my nature to save a drowning being and I know that some or the other time I will definitely be successful in rescuing the scorpion.” 

Gurudev further said, “We should also behave like this. It should be our nature to love people without being least bothered about their reaction towards us. We should aim at changing people’s mind through our behaviour.”  

Another incident is of Mumbai. It was November, 2004 and the day was “Angarak Ganesh Chaturthi”. Gurudev’s Personal Secretary was along with him in Mumbai. On this special day Gurudev had gone to an unknown place to pray and meditate on Lord Ganpati. Two days ago Gurudev had agreed to go to the house of many devotees to bless them on this day. Amongst them was a sister.  

From that unknown place, Gurudev rang up his Personal Secretary and said, “You give this message to everyone that I will not meet anyone. Today is a special day so I am not even taking water. I am on a total fast. You also give the message to every one to keep a fast today. Even if unknowingly someone has eaten something, they should bathe again and start the fast. In whom so ever’s house you have arranged to take me today, tell them that I would not be coming today.”  

Gurudev further said, “You too don’t try to contact me. I am keeping my mobile off.”  

Abiding by Gurudev’s order his Personal Secretary gave the message to everyone. That sister was also given the message. On hearing this message, the lady got angry. She said, “I have made eating arrangements on a large scale. I have rung up and called my relatives too. My position will become worse if Gurudev does not turn up today at us.”  

Gurudev’s Personal Secretary was greatly worried. At that instant Gurudev called him up. He told Gurudev about every thing and said, “That sister is not ready to listen to us.”  

Gurudev said in a serious tone, “ Is the fasting important than the love of the people for me ? I can break my fast for the love of the people. Come on, give me that sister’s number. I myself will talk to her”. The Personal Secretary as per Gurudev’s instructions gave the number of that sister to Gurudev.  

After sometime that sister called back the Personal Secretary. Lovingly she said, “It is all because of you I have received his (Gurudev’s ) grace. Gurudev had personally called me up. It is indeed great that Gurudev said that he was ready to break his fast and come, if I so desired. To this I had replied, “Gurudev should come when he desired. He told me that he would come the next day. He has told me to observe a fast today. I was extremely happy to hear him talk to me on the phone.”  

There is no doubt, Gurudev is an ocean of love. 


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