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Until I wish, no one can recognise me…

The sixth Prabhu Kripa Samagam was decided to be held close to Holi on 19th March, 2003 at Kirti Nagar in Delhi. A few days before 19th March, 2003 I received a phone call from Gurudev “Come as soon as possible. Let us go and see the place where the Samagam is to be held.” I immediately reached Gurudev and requested him, “It is not possible to go there today as Holi function is going on there.” Gurudev said, “It does not matter, come let us go”. In the car Varmaji again spoke to Gurudev, “Everyone will recognise you. They watch you daily on T.V.’’ Gurudev said, “You do not worry God will make everything alright.” 

In that place there was great joy at the Holi function. Gurudev got down from the car comfortably and in the middle of the crowd started inspecting the whole place. I was walking behind him. The surprising thing was that no one was recognising Gurudev. Many unknown people recognised me and started greeting me, but no one looked at Gurudev.  

After returning to the car I wanted to know the secret of this from Gurudev. So he said, “ There is a special mantra with the recitation of which, until I wish, no one can recognise me.” Great salutes to the great divine power of Gurudev. 


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