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First Prabhu Kripa Samagam

The first Prabhu Kripa ‘Shibir’ (Samagam) was around the corner. News spread and accordingly there were telephone calls at Arihanta office and assurances that people would participate in the ‘Shibir’. It was estimated that more than 10,000 devotees would participate in the Shibir. When Sushil Varma requested Gurujee to kindly offer his staff of Ayurvedic Company for the ‘Shibir’management. Guruji replied, “ No, you will not get Arihant staff for the Shibir.” Sushil Varma further said “Then how would such a big event be possible?”. Then Gurudev replied, “Have faith in God, God will do everything alright.” 

God’s grace showered on the very next day. The receptionist from Arihant rang and said “Many people have called up and are willing to offer their “seva” for the ‘Shibir.” Mr. Ve th rma replied “Call everyone on 19 December, at 2.00 PM in the Hall of Hindu Mahasabha Bhavan”.  

At the the fixed time on 19 December many people had gathered to offer their ‘seva’.  

Round about 49 of them were present. In this way the problem of management in the ‘Shibir’ was easily solved by Guruji’s divine grace.  

The series of divine experiences started in the ‘Shibir itself’. After the first day’s ‘Shibir’ all the sevadars were called upon for a meeting. A sevadar named Anil Kataria from Faridabad told Mr. Varma “My wife is in a serious condition. Her both kidneys have failed. She is admitted in hospital. I am keen to offer my seva in tomorrow’s ‘Shibir’ also. You, please, pray to Guruji so that my wife feels a bit better and I can then come for tomorrow’s Shibir and offer my seva”. To this Mr. Verma replied “Your prayer will be kept at Guruji’s feet, don’t worry.” 

After the completion of the Shibir and on the very next morning, Mr. Verma had a long discussion with Gurudev on phone but he forgot to tell about Mr. Kataria. However, Mr. Kataria’s wife Mrs Sudha had already received the divine blessings of Gurudev. On the next day when the Shibir ended and all the sevadars were called up for a meeting. Mr. Kataria said “My prayers must have been offered at Guruji’s feet, as a result, my wife has been discharged from the hospital. I have brought her here right from the hospital.” Mr. Varma disclosed the fact that he had completely forgotten to tell Guruji about Mrs Kataria even then how the prayers reached Gurudev. This is Guruji’s own divine play. 

In February, 2003 in Delhi at Paschim Vihar on the occasion of a local Prabhu Kripa Shibir a Sevadar named Mr. Vijay Chauhan said “According to doctors both of my kidneys have failed and I have been advised to take rest at home but I desire to participate in the Shibir which is to be organised after 15 days in Delhi at Chhatarpur. Is it possible ?” Gurudev’s leela was such that he not only attended the ‘Shibir’ to offer his seva but was also fully active. Mr. Chauhan reached the ‘Shibir’ on his two wheeler and said, “Doctors have declared me normal and hence I drove my two wheeler up to here. Tell me which “seva” shall I do ? On hearing this the astonishment of all the sevadars knew no bounds. 


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