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My life was mysteriously saved by Gurudev Ji in plane crash

Gurudev’s Swaran Jayanti Samaroh held on 22nd January, 2004 at Delhi and the blessings of Gurudev showered, have been described by the speaker of Delhi Vidhan Sabha Chowdhary Prem Singh as follows : –  

“My son had fallen sick. Due to the medicines which he continuously took he had put on a lot of weight. At that time I took him to Maharaj Ji (Gurudev). Due to Gurudev’s medicines my son reduced 35 Kgs. Earlier seeing his weight, girls would refuse to marry him. Soon after his weight reduced, he got married. Really, I felt great blessings of Maharaj Ji. I feel that Maharaj Ji was a saint in the previous birth also. Of course, he is a saint in this life also and for the welfare of mankind, the way he has sacrificed himself is a very great thing”. 

Chowdhary Prem Singh further said “Once I had to go to Germany, I told Maharaj Ji that I will not go there, because one gets only non-vegetarian foods there. How will I be able to stay there.” Maharaj Ji asked me not to worry and I should go there, Maharaj Ji will be there with me. Then according to his wishes, I went to Russia first and when I was going to Germany from Russia, suddenly our plane started coming downwards and the pilot of the plane informed that there are technical problems, we are in danger !  

It seemed that the chances of survival were bleak. I joined my hands and said in my mind, “Maharaj Ji if you have to give the death, give it to me in India only not abroad here. “For approximately half an hour I was sitting with my hands folded. Then out of nowhere suddenly the pilot gave the information happily that we were out of danger. No one knows what happened. I reached Germany safely. After completing my journey when I came back to India and met Maharaj Ji, I tried to tell him about the accident. Maharaj Ji said “I know everything.” He (Gurudev) described the accident in such detail that it seemed as if he himself were present in the plane at that time. Hearing the whole description, I was very surprised. In this way my life was mysteriously saved by Maharaj Ji”



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