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Gurudev replied, “If you want that she should remain alive then I will pray to God that it should be this way, but this will be against God’s law…”

A few days before the Samagam was organised in Jallandhar , I was getting ready to go there on his orders. He informed Shri Gurdip Singh Ji, a sevadar, that he was coming there. Shri Singh said, “ My mother is very sick mentally. Her state is such that she keeps murmuring the whole day and without thinking says anything. At this time she is very restless. Her condition was such that she was admitted to the hospital. There too her condition kept getting worse. She had stopped eating and drinking. Please pray to Gurudev for my mother so that Gurudev may give some medicine by which her restlessness would end.” 

Gurudev was in his prayer room when the prayer of Shri Gurdip Singh Ji was told to him. Gurudev said “You tell Gurdip Ji to pray, even I am doing special prayer for his mother, God will make everything alright.” I reached Jallandhar and started getting ready with the Samagam preparations. Gurdip Singh Ji said, “After a while speaking to you on the phone, my mother’s restlessness reduced.” I then gave him Gurudev’s message to pray and that there was no need for medicine. He further informed that Gurudev had done special prayer for his mother. This is why her restlessness had reduced. As I went with Gurdip Singh Ji to the hospital to see her, they came to know that she was going to be discharged the next day.  

The Jallandhar Samagam was completed in a very royal way. Gurudev was staying at Shri Gurdip Singh’s place. At that time Gurdip Ji’s mother was at home. She had no restlessness. Gurudev went to meet her in her room also. In a few days, Gurdip Jee called up Delhi and told them that his mother had left her body. At bhog, he called me and Gurdip Ji said, “We are highly blessed by Gurudev. We knew that our mother had reached the old age and she was a victim of many diseases also. So she had to leave her body. We only wanted that somehow her restlessness should stop. We prayed to Gurudev also to stop her restlessness”. Gurudev replied, “If you want that she should remain alive then I will pray to God that it should be this way, but this will be against God’s law. And if you think she has lived length of her life, then I will pray to God that the best may be done.” 

He further told me , “You know how her condition was bad a few days before the Jallandhar Samagam. I was wondering how I would participate in Samagam if her condition continues so? You saw how Gurudev blessed her. My mother came back from the hospital. And when she died there was no restlessness. We wished she would be peaceful when she left.”  

Great salutes to such a Gurudev. 


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