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An experience shared by Maa Sarita, an ardent disciple of Osho

In Mumbai during the organised Prabhu Kripa Samagam another scene of Gurudev’s mysterious grace came to be seen. In reference to Mumbai’s Samagam’s preparations, I had come to Mumbai. On that day a lady called up on my mobile. She said, “ I am Sarita Maa speaking, where is Swami Ji (Gurudev)? Is he in Bombay with you.? I want to meet him immediately now.”  

I replied  Mata Ji, Gurudev is in Delhi. You contact him there.” On hearing this reply, Mata Ji greeted him and disconnected the phone line. I immediately contacted Gurudev and narrated everything. At that time Gurudev said, “You do not know that Ma Sarita is at great spiritual height. She is one of the very close spiritual saints of Osho. When I was with Osho I was closely associated with her. Both of us have together travelled quite a long spiritual journey.”  

Gurudev reached Mumbai one day before the Prabhu Kripa Samagam. Arrangements were made to take him first to Bhagwan Sidhi Vinayak’s Temple, and then to Mahalaxmijee’s Temple. As per the plannings I went with Gurudev reached the Bhagwan Sidhi Vinayak Temple where great arrangements were made for Gurudev by the Temple Committee members. Mumbai’s sevadars and devotees were present there in large numbers. At that time a decent looking lady greeted me with great affection. When asked, she said that she is Maa Sarita. After knowing her introduction, the I touched her feet.  

During the conversation Maa Sarita said, “Yesterday my husband expired.” I was shocked as inspite of that she came here to welcome Gurudev. Hesitatingly, I asked her. Maa Sarita said, “The grace which Swamiji has showered on us is very divine. That is why I could not stay without welcoming him in Mumbai. You know a few days back I had spoken to you in Mumbai and asked Swamiji’s address. After contacting you, I spoke to Swamiji in Delhi. At that time my husband was wailing in pain. He was bed ridden for many years. He was so ill that he was crying loudly in pain. Seeing his condition our whole family was very worried. When I called you up, he was suffering badly at that time. Getting your number from somewhere, I called you up.”  

She further said, “On the phone Swami Ji said that there is no need to worry, God will make everything alright. I prayed to Swami Ji that my husband is so severely sick that only you can stop his suffering. Being in such a state it is better that he dies.” Maa Sarita further said “After listening Swami Ji asked her to give the phone to her husband. At that time no one knew what Swami Ji told him that he completely became quiet. His whole suffering stopped completely. From that time till the date of his death, he did not get restless at all and yesterday when he died there was so much of glow on his face, that’s inexplicable. You tell me how do I thank Swami Ji for this grace.”  

Maa Sarita was present all the time at the two days Samagam. After completion of the Samagam, she even invited Gurudev to her house and she welcomed him whole heartedly. 


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