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Transformation in a Devotee’s Life

In the “Swarn Jayanti function” organized at Delhi, Mr. Ashok Chautani of Kuwait said, “I do not know from where to begin. When a small child awakes from his sleep, not finding his mother, starts crying because his existence is related with his mother. His eyes, nose become shabby due to crying. But when his mother nears him, irrespective of the dirt, she reaches him out, close to her bosom. Similarly, on waking up, I found my body and mind dirty. At that time Guruji showered his grace and gave me a place at his feet.” 

He further said, “I was totally transformed due to Gurudev’s grace. Today I have started liking the society which previously I considered having only loopholes. The desire to attain liberation has faded. Now I pray to Gurudev that let me be again and again born as a human being. Let me get Gurudev’s devotion and let it further progress. I am an Engineer by profession and at present I am a General Manager in a big company. Initially, I had the feeling that whatever I have, I will not share it with anyone. This is all earned by myself. However, when I neared Gurudev, I realized that this entire world and universe is one, and Gurudev is showering his grace everywhere, Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians to all. Then a thought struck my mind that when my Gurudev is so big hearted, how can I, his disciple, be so narrow-minded? Now even I have started teaching and making persons working with me understand. Now, I have a good feeling for everyone working with me. If someone makes a mistake, I give him a chance, if he again repeats it, another chance and then it occurs to me that let him make any number of mistakes, one day he will definitely learn. 

This is only Guruji’s grace that I feel one with everybody. Guruji gave the mantra and said that the harder I work, the more will I gain. He gave me the keys of the treasure so that we can fill our emptiness, as much as we can. Whatever you are in short of, fill it. My treasure was empty, but now it is filled. I wish from the bottom of my heart that the manner in which I have been benefitted, let Guruji shower his grace on everybody likewise, so that they may also change their hearts like me.” 


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