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Grace of an Invisible Swami

This is the incident of the time when shooting of “Ayurvigyaan Ke Rahasaya” programme had started a few days back. In those days the shooting would start only after 12 in the night and would end at 5 in the morning. Once it so happened that after the completion of the shooting, Gurudev suddenly told me, “You take your team and go immediately. Just now a Swami Ji has come. He has gone and sitting in the next room. If in some moments, you do not go from here, then he will go back.”  

In those days I could not understand Gurudev’s talk. I would think in my mind as to when did Swami Ji had come and how did Gurudev get the information of his coming.  

Again, when this happened next time, I put my question to Gurudev, He said “Swami Ji suddenly comes any time, because he cannot be seen. No one gets the signal of his coming but as he comes, I come to know about it. Actually, Swami Ji’s nature is that he does not want to meet anyone or doesn’t wish to be seen, If I do not pay attention on his arrival for some time, then he goes quietly. If it is God’s grace, I will make you meet him.”  

Many days had passed regarding this incident. During this time also many a times there was secret arrival of Swami Ji but Shri Varma did not speak to Gurudev. 

For some work one-day I went to Gurudev’s residence and from the reception, he called up at the intercom. Gurudev in a very soft voice said, “You quietly, without making any noise, come to my room, the Swami Ji whom you wanted to meet, is sitting with me. According to his saying only I am calling you, quietly come to my room and after doing Namaskar to the Swami Ji, go back.” “When I went to Gurudev’s room, I saw that in simple robes a gentleman was sitting on the asana. He was turning the pages of a book. Gurudev was sitting next to him in a silent position. 

I touched Gurudev’s and Swami Ji’s feet. Swami Ji without seeing me was reading the book quietly. Gurudev hinted me to sit down. Swami Ji was reading the book with great concentration. He did not even lift his eyes. For some time, I sat quietly. Then Guru Ji hinted me to leave. I immediately got up and again touching Gurudev’s and Swami Ji’s feet came out of the room. Even then Swami Ji did not look at me. 


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