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Cured of Cancer

How Gurudev cures a person suffering from any dreadful diseases through mysterious techniques, there are many such instances and the following is one of them:- One day I received a call on his mobile from a lady. She said, “You don’t know how Gurudev has showered his blessings on me. Let me meet Gurudev once.” The personal Secretary asked her, “Who has given you my mobile number? She replied, “Gurudev himself has given me and has told me to talk to you, if I wish to meet him.” When asked, she further stated, “ I am a resident of Delhi. My name is Kusum Lata Dhavan. At present I am admitted in All India Institute of Medical Science. Until a few days ago I was suffering from cancer. I had cancer in my spinal chord but by the grace of Gurudev, it is now cured. All the doctors in the hospital are surprised at this miracle. They are unable to understand how this has happened?” 

On further enquiry she said, “My cancer was in acute stage. I was admitted in the hospital. Here one day, in my room, I watched Gurudev’s programme on the television. He was discussing about a person’s disease and providing solutions to it just by glancing at the person’s photo. From that day onwards I started watching the programme daily. I started getting the feeling that only Gurudev can cure me. Everyday I used to give numerous telephone calls but in vain. I still did not give up. I continued calling him. On day he heard my prayers and gave me a mantra on the phone itself, which I chanted for only 15 days and the miracle happened. My cancer was cured. Now the doctors are extremely surprised. When I told the doctors, they did not believe it. Just a few days ago I have been discharged from the All India Institute of Medical Science. Now I want to meet Gurujee and thank him. I know it is difficult to meet him but please, try. I really want to meet him once. I pray you to arrange my meeting with him”. Gurudev ’s personal secretary heard her calmly and assured the lady. 

When Gurujee was contacted and the request of that lady was conveyed to him, he replied “ Give her the message that there is no need to thank me. Not me but God has cured her. She should thank God. She should go to the satsang. I will some day meet her there.” 

I gave this message to the lady. She then started coming for the satsang. There Gurudev has met her not only once but many times. Afterwards she told the personal Secretary “The rate at which I am becoming normal is surprising the doctors. Now I am fully recovered.” 


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