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The Mystery of the Red Eyes

Whilst the filming of the show progressed smoothly, during one of the shooting schedules in a private studio, a strange incident happened which intrigued me. As soon as the recording started, the cameraman stopped the camera abruptly and suddenly declared that, “Recording cannot take place now, as Gurudev’s eyes are completely red presently.” I was stunned as I looked at Gurudev’s eyes and did not observe anything abnormal. They were not red.

After some time, the interruption of the shooting schedule was resumed. Again, the cameraman ordered the shoot to be stopped as he noticed Gurudev’s abnormally red eyes once again. I personally saw the recording and was taken aback to note, that the cameraman was telling the truth. I asked Gurudev, about the mystery behind the repeated appearance of those red eyes, and he replied, “Call up the owner of this studio. Then I will unravel this mystery.” The owner of the studio was requested to come over to visit Gurudev.

Once there, Gurudev spoke to him in person and in a heavy voice which was profoundly earnest in the extreme and deeply concerned, as he revealed insightfully, whilst stating “You have spent lakhs of Rupees on this studio, but still you are running in heavy losses.” Gurudev said, “Many evil practices are going on at this place. That is the reason that this studio is running into heavy loss. I’m going to perform special recital of Cosmic Sound Secrets here to make this place free from all negative energies. But you must always light an earthen lamp here at this corner. Everything shall be fine soon.” He indicated with a gesture where the lamp was to be placed. Later, Gurudev performed the special recital of Cosmic Sound Secrets and the shooting resumed again. Now Gurudev’s eyes appeared normal & shooting went on smoothly. After few days, Gurudev told us that, “The reason for my eyes being red was that the place was full of negative energies and after the recital of secret Cosmic Sounds it was substituted by positive. As expected of a saint of his stature, he omitted to state that he did everything unasked, as he knew what needed to be done to restore the cosmic balance and positivity.


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