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Divine Experience

Divine inspiration and a spiritual insight led us to conceptualize and initiate a project to create a TV show based on ‘Spiritualism and Ayurveda’, which would be unique and extraordinary. After exhaustive discussions with a senior executive of an internationally renowned TV Channel, we began our search for a contemporary, spiritually elevated mystic, revered internationally who could nourish, inspire and influence mankind spiritually. We were searching for a divine being who could alter human destinies and give people freedom from their sufferings cure them from innumerable diseases, both mental and physical.

After fine tuning our concept, I presented the proposal to Pujya Gurudev, who unassumingly queried as to what the proposed show would be based on, besides wanting to know the content and guidelines along which the show would unfold. I narrated him the concept, the procedures, and content planned for filming. “We will discuss various common and serious diseases in detail, whilst you will respond by throwing light about the corresponding cures for the same in Ayurveda.”

Gurudev expressed desire to reflect introspectively on the proposal. And days flew by, as I waited in vain, for Gurudev to revert back to me. Then, one fine day, Gurudev called me and said, “You wanted to discuss about the proposal. Let’s go to Vrindavan. We will sit there and discuss the proposal in detail”.

Gurudev instructed me to reach Vrindavan. After reaching Vrindavan I tried to contact Gurudev without success. I found his cell phone switched off.

I waited patiently, despite the uncertainty. Around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, I received a call from Gurudev. He asked me to see him at the Iskcon Temple. I hurried to make my way to the Iskcon Temple and finally met Gurudev.

Together, we proceeded to Yamuna Ghat. At the Yamuna Ghat Gurudev asked a boatman to take us both for a ride in his boat till such time as Gurudev would ask him to stop. The boatman was promised he would be paid and compensated accordingly for his time, by Gurudev.

For almost three hours, we were sitting in a boat and enjoying the ride in River Yamuna. But Gurudev didn’t talk about the proposal. After stepping down from the boat, Gurudev said, “I want to stay in Vrindavan for some work, you can go back to Delhi. We will discuss the proposal in detail, in Delhi”.

Next day, in Delhi, Gurudev asked me to come to his residence. He asked me, what the title of the show would be. “Have you given it a thought yet?” I then responded by proposing, “Ayurveda and Us”, “Ayurveda & Mankind” or “Secrets of Ayurveda”. But Gurudev rejected all the titles proposed by me and chose “Secrets of Ayurvigyan”

After reflecting introspectively, Gurudev said, “To make the show more unique and interesting, I will look at the photograph of the applicant and give a complete diagnosis of the disease from which he is suffering and prescribe the treatment.”

I was stunned. My practical, intellectual mind questioned as to how that could be possible? It would be a scandal to telecast the wrong examination and diagnosis of the patient on an internationally telecast TV channel. To me, it was a frightening prospect. My mind mentally raced ahead surmising the enormity of the risk and potentially devastating consequences for the TV Channel. Reading my thoughts Gurudev calmly assured me by saying “You plan the concept the way I am asking you to. If you are still not convinced, then we will accede to your channel’s wishes.” Finally, the guidelines, concept and content were developed according to his suggestions. With the aim of making the show authentic from every aspect, a well known astrologer was also engaged. It was decided that Gurudev will glance at a photograph and throw light on the ailments the applicant was suffering from and after the detailed diagnosis by Gurudev, the astrologer would verify it on the basis of an astrological chart of the applicant. Gurudev would then discuss the solution, through which the applicant could be cured of those ailments.

In the initial episodes of the show, I forwarded the photographs of my family members, friends and relatives. To my amazement Gurudev revealed the precise intimate details of my family members. He revealed facts which I had never ever discussed with him before. “Secrets of Ayurvigyan” started being televised regularly. Along with it began my journey of divine spiritual experiences, with Gurudev. It was a life transforming spiritual journey full of divine and mystical revelations and a positive spiritual evolution from there on.


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