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An Evening in Dehradun

In the autumn of 2002 our crew travelled to Uttaranchal for the shooting of our show, during which we experienced some mystical encounters. One particular incident revealed Pujya Gurudev Mahabrahmrishi Shree Kumar Swami Ji’s elevated spiritual status and the divine aspect of his persona.

The Shoot was scheduled at a private farm house in the beautiful valley of Dehradun. Many famous personalities were present that day to attend the shoot. A senior Congress leader and a famous builder were just two of those that I can recall. Highly impressed by Gurudev’s intellect, and divine spiritual knowledge, the builder, invited Gurudev for dinner at his place. Intuitively sensing their heartfelt sincerity, love and affection for him, Gurudev responded spontaneously by accepting their invitation. The builder reached at the fixed time to Osho Resort where Gurudev was staying. Coincidently, Gurudev’s driver was out to run some errands. After waiting for the driver for some time in vain, Gurudev decided to go to the builder’s residence, in their car. The builder had made lavish arrangements at his residence to welcome Gurudev. The afternoon was being spent with discussion rounds regarding several spiritual topics. Spontaneous conversation flowed to and fro. An array of delicacies was being served. But I noticed, that Gurudev was completely silent. He neither ate nor spoke. He simply sat there quietly, isolated, in his own thoughts.

Observing his extraordinarily serene and quiet behavior, the builder and his family’s apprehension grew till they became increasingly tense. They prayed to him to break his mysterious silence.

Gurudev spoke at last, saying, “Please let me go. It will be in your own best interests.” The family grew even more tense as they were curious and badly wanted to know the reason behind what Gurudev had just said. Gurudev replied slowly, in a very serious tone, and said, “I will tell you everything, but you will not be able to tolerate it.” The builder’s family still insisted, wanting to know, the real significance and interpretation of his mysterious words.

“The truth is,” Gurudev continued, “that you are in a big trouble. You are in heavy debts. Your business is in a bad state and is incurring huge losses. The whole family is suffering from some ailment or the other. You are a well known builder but none of your projects is anywhere near completion. Somewhere or the other obstacles are continually blocking your progress. You could have got yourself in much more trouble, but the idol of Lord Hanuman, placed on the third floor of your house, on which you regularly apply vermillion is protecting you, else you would have ceased to exist in business and ruined completely by now.”

Gurudev further clarified and explained to them, saying, “You have invited me with so much love, care and affection, now it’s my responsibility to make you free from all of your problems and difficulties. For that I need to perform a special recital of Cosmic Sound Secrets for you. So I request you to kindly let me go back.” After listening very carefully to everything, the family was in a state of stunned shock. Gurudev said, “its in your own best interests to relieve me as early as possible.” Before leaving, Gurudev also added a request, saying, “Don’t pack or send any food or snacks for me.”

Gurudev left the premises amidst the traditional ceremonial fanfare and heartfelt salutations and respects paid by those attending, but I stayed on at the builder’s residence as per Gurudev’s instructions. Much later, as I rose to leave, the builder’s family forced me to take some packed food items without heeding Gurudev’s earlier request. Later that night, I went to Gurudev’s room with the packed food in my hands. I opened the door slightly, as the room was dimly lit. Gurudev was in his meditation. He ordered me to dispose off the packed food as quickly as possible. “Whatever is in your hands, throw it outside and go back to your room, I will meet you in morning,” he told me.

At 9 o’clock in the morning, taking Gurudev’s permission through intercom I went to his room to meet him. He was having a cup of tea at the time. After keeping silent for a while, he asked me to apply some salt on my body, before taking my bath. “You must apply a bit of salt water on your body.” I foolishly forgot to follow Gurudev’s instructions, before taking my bath. Later that day, when I met Gurudev, he was smiling as he queried if I had remembered his instructions. “Did you apply salt water on your body before taking your bath?”

I said, “I’m sorry, I forgot”. Gurudev responded saying, “Don’t worry, it’s fine”. I asked, “Shall I do it now?” Gurudev replied, “No, it’s not required now. I have already remedied your mistake.”


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