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Nectar Rain

My son was suffering from fits. His body used to get very stiff. We had shown him to several doctors, who prescribed, scanning of his head. We got it done from Vinay Scanning Centre in Jalandhar, where it was found that there was a hole the size of a wheat grain in the brain of my son. Doctors also prescribed medication to my son, but all efforts were in vain. He was getting no relief. We were in a hopeless situation. A convention was scheduled in Sunam. When we heard about it we decided to attend. When Gurudev arrived at the convention, rain started pouring heavily.
Gurudev said, ‘whosoever takes bath in this rain shall be freed from all his problems and difficulties.’ My son was also sitting under the roof of the Pandaal. I asked him to take a bath in that rain. It is surprising to see that since that day, he has not had any relapse of his recurring fits ever again.”

Prakash Kaur, Kapurthala

“I was struggling against the deadly disease named Psoriasis, because of which I used to get a terrible itch all over my body. My body reacted even to water and that caused an irritation. I used to cry.
My body used to bleed from several places. My whole body started to look ugly. I consulted many doctors in Ludhiana and Patiala. But there was no relief. During the convention, when Gurudev asked me to take a shower in the rain, I was surprised the rain water didn’t cause me any itch or discomfort at all and my ailments also ended once and for all. Today, I am completely fine, thanks to the continued hand of God and Gurudev’s divine blessings.”

Kamlesh Mittal, Dhuri

The above mentioned experiences are those of divine blessings where devotees got relieved of their ailments by soaking themselves in divine rain. Actually, Gurudev has relieved his devotees through several methods. Bathing in this blissful rain is one of those kinds. The incidence of the blissful rain came into the picture many times, at several conventions held around the world. Once Gurudev announced, unexpected, at a convention held on the Police Ground, Hyderabad, that after completion of his meditation, it would rain heavily but would be over within 5 minutes. At that moment there was no sign of clouds or rain in the sky.

As predicted intuitively by Gurudev, the rain started pouring after some time. Gurudev again said, “this is not normal rain. These are drops of nectar which God has sent especially for you to relieve you from your all your problems. Make yourself free and soak yourself in this rain, God will bless you”.

Devotees present in the convention started dancing happily in the rain which stopped after 5 minutes.

Next day, many devotees, shared their experiences of having been delivered from their problems and ailments.


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