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Cosmic Grace Triumphs Over Scientific Disciplines

Scientists Globally have expressed great astonishment and whilst being apprehensive about Cosmic Grace or the Divine mystery behind it, are finding the material facts and the mounting evidence hard to deny, despite the fact that they are still having difficulty finding the whole idea credulous enough to declare it as normal or even scientifically possible. It is like treading into the domain of the unknown and what is not easily understood generally is associated with something to be feared.

Scientists, Doctors, Surgeons and other intellectuals who have personally witnessed, experienced or examined the evidence of the extraordinary power of the effect of the Cosmic Grace in healing people from diseases which were declared incurable by the medical science, remain baffled as to how a simple procedure such as a repeat of the mystical sound science of Cosmic Grace alone can achieve life-changing results. Time and again these professionals have challenged the source and the end results achieved. Yet, these very people have both publically and privately marvelled at the unquestionable medical reports held on record of those relieved from their suffering and long standing ailments inexplicably.

Doubt invariably raises its ugly head now and again. It actually appears in the form of some sporadic incident which reminds us that the suspicion and hostility which a minority hold has’nt blown away for ever. It manifests itself in the guise of an odd hostile individual or an organization which never understood the mission of the selfless service to humanity that Gurudev stands for in the first place. Regardless of how many times this happens, almost invariably the truth reigns supreme and good sense and wisdom prevail, backed by evidence.

During a Dukh Nivaran Samagam held in 2004 in Haridwaar, a local newspaper ran an advertisement condemning the science of Cosmic sounds as fake and unworthy of the importance it is being given. Commenting on the advertisement Pujya Gurudevji Mahabrahmrishi Shree Kumar Swamiji, made a public announcement saying that “Whosoever believes that to be the case, is sincerely invited and is very welcome to come to the Samagam in the audience and question him directly on any subject related to their doubts and he further stated that he would continue to answer every single question of the individual till he, is finally content with the answers and fully satisfied.”

Upon hearing Gurudev announce the open Experiencing Divinity 140 invitation there was a considerable commotion amongst wellwishers, devotees and other important members of society and Government present there. Some started hailing Gurudev aloud. Gurudev then announced that he was aware that the person placing the advertisement was present in the audience.

Once again, he invited him to come forward and identify himself, further saying, that “The person can come forward without any fear whatsoever and ask me any questions directly. I vow that today and in the future too he has nothing to lose and he will be welcomed with a garland of flowers.” No one came forward. The individual chose to keep silent and remain anonymous.

Gurudev then replied every point of concern and doubt raised in the newspaper himself, via an advertisement in the same paper, not only replying the doubts highlighted and raised but backed each allegation with material facts and evidence held on record. Likewise, in the August of 2005 at a Samagam held in Birmingham UK, in one of the largest convention centres in not only United Kingdom, but also Europe. Another incident illustrates how another advertisement placed by some unknown hostile elements, challenged anyone to produce proofs of having benefitted by reciting the sound science grace techniques. A cash reward of pounds sixteen thousand was offered to any such person producing such records. During the course of the samagam Gurudev gave an open challenge stating that “Why one? Thousands of records and proofs are ready and can be offered by him.” Under his direction several devotees, ladies and gentlemen alike publically spoke about the benefits of the divine science of Cosmic Grace with dates, case histories and details of their problems, illnesses and how they achieved freedom from their distress, suffering, mental tensions,physical ailments etc. So huge was the turnout of those willing to stand up and publically state their individual benefits that the anonymous person or institution offering the reward once again quietly faded into anonymous oblivion. April 2008 in Sunam, Punjab, and also in May 2009 in Barnala, Punjab Samagams something similar occurred.

An organization declared the Divine Samagams a farce and offered a reward of Rs 25,000 to anyone producing genuine evidence of a record of their benefits achieved. On the second day of the samagam, Gurudev asked the audience of hundreds of thousands of people to raise their hands if they had benefitted from the science of sound and Cosmic Grace.

Thousands upon thousands in the crowds raised their hand. Despite this overwhelming evidence the organization or its members did not identify themselves.

In March 2006 in Verawal, followed by one in Surat, both in the state of Gujrat, an article in the local paper appeared declaring the divine mysteries of cosmic sound techniques as a hoax and was an attempt they stated to play with people’s emotions and mislead them. Despite being invited to come forward during the samagam, they failed to do so. Gurudev directed me to make contact with the Organisation’s chief executive or chairperson. Despite my repeated efforts to invite them to communicate openly, face to face, they consistently avoided coming forward or making contact after the earlier allegation. My efforts continued and I invited him to the next samagam in Surat, and asked the chair person to come to the samagam and ask Gurudev any questions they wished, directly in the presence of thousands of people.

One day, during my efforts he came on the line and I invited him to the samagam in Surat. He excused himself as he was at a seminar in Porbander. Then I closed my eyes and meditated within me asking Gurudev to help me whilst I conversed with the Chairperson at length on the benefits of the remarkable powers of the Divine techniques of the Sound Science.

After learning of the startling facts of cosmic grace and its evidence and experiences recorded and held by Gurudev’s organization, he profusely apologized on behalf of his institution and himself for ever having opposed Gurudev’s noble mission. He also realized that his thinking and that of his organization towards opposing Gurudev’s mission and service to humanity was not based on accuracy of facts.

This episode too ended without any further trace of hostility whatsoever. In April 2007 during the samagam held in Pihova in Kurukshetra, a journalist, after declaring himself to be hostile, landed up near Gurudev’s seat (aasan) on the stage. A whole series of people out of hundreds stood up one by one to offer their experiences and share their case histories with dates and facts with fellow members of the audience present. The journalist quietly left the stage and humbly joined the members sitting on the venue’s floor amongst hundreds of thousands of people seeking Cosmic Grace and Blessings. The next day, Gurudev invited the Journalist to ask him any questions directly and publically. The journalist had no questions to ask and did not come forward. The onslaught of devastatingly candid reports shared by those having benefitted by the Sound Science of Cosmic Grace, of a very private and personal nature, on day one of the samagam, was more than enough positive proof of the powers of this mysterious Cosmic Science of Divine Grace.


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