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God’s Grace Opened Eyes

In June 2008, there was a Prabhu Kripa Dukh Nivaran Samagam i.e. Convention in Chicago, America at a well-known Balaji temple. The Convention had held in a large hall. A large number of people attended the Convention which included mostly Indian Americans, as well as foreigners, who were doctors, educated individuals, scientists, professors etc. The Convention normally begins with Revered Sadgurudevji Mahabrahmrishi Shree Kumar Swami Ji asking everyone whether they have any question or they wish to enquire about anything, they can come forward now. Similarly, during this Convention also, Revered Sadgurudevji also enquired from the devotee brothers and sisters that if they have any query about any matter, they can put up their questions. Upon listening to Revered Sadgurudevji’s saying so, an Indian woman, who was about 45 years old, stood up. She said “You say that by chanting God’s name, we gains many benefits, and our dilemmas, troubles, and worries all get over. I do not feel this way. I have been worshipping God for the last 18 years, but I have received no benefits. I face many difficulties, but God never helped me.”

Revered Sadgurudevji closed His eyes and simply said “Child, the statement you made about God never taking care of you, is not correct. You have always believed in Lord Sri Krishan since your childhood when both your mother and father had come from the state of Gujarat in India, where Lord Sri Krishan is ardently worshiped. Your family prays to Lord Sri Krishan and owing to your parent’s teachings, you have also been worshipping Lord Sri Krishan since your childhood. It is a different matter that you do not worship God in a routine manner. After you got married and came to Chicago, you kept on following the tradition of worshiping Lord Sri Krishna. You have also built a small temple of Lord Sri Krishnan in your house, where you pray once in a while. Even though you do not pray regularly, the Lord has protected you many times by removing your misfortunes and problems. This is the first time you have attended a Convention. But, as a matter of fact, you were not feeling like coming here. You have come here to pass the time only. Let me tell you how many times the Almighty helped you and your husband. Recently, your husband was undergoing some legal trouble. His business wad almost finished. He was on the verge of declaring bankruptcy but suddenly God bestowed His grace upon him. He unexpectedly received some money, and was able to get himself out of the court case that he was involved in. His business is running well now. Then Revered Sadgurudevji cited another instance of God’s grace. It was snowing here two years ago and you were in the car with your husband. Both of you had met with a terrible accident. Your car had completely damaged in that accident. But, God saved you as well as your husband and no misfortune fell upon you. Also, about 6 years ago, God bestowed another special grace upon you. Only you know about this special grace. No one else knows about it. Not even your husband knows about it. Should I tell you about it?

After hearing all these instances of God’s grace from Revered Sadgurudevji, the lady folded her hands and started crying uncontrollably. She said “Gurudev please forgive me, I said all kinds of wrong things about God. I will never make such a mistake again.”

Revered Sadgurudevji said that I know you are in a lot of pain right now. You have tremendous pain in your head, hands and feet. Even after visiting many places and receiving treatments, you did not get any relief from this pain. If you recite these divine Beej Mantras, by the grace God, you would become perfectly all-right. of

After this, Revered Sadgurudevji said that God is taking care of us every moment. If God stops the Sun from rising, the air from blowing, and stops our breathing, what will we be able to do? Will we be alive? We should bow down to God’s grace and thank Him from the bottom of our heart for all the grace being showered by Him on all of us.


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