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Some mindboggling incidents from the shoot of “Ayurvigyan Ke Rahasya”

Several times during the shooting interesting incidents used to take place. It was midnight. The shooting was on. A young girl was sitting as questioner. She was taking interview of Gurudev. Suddenly during the interview, Gurudev looked at the girl and asked, “Daughter, tell me how many boy friends can a girl have?” She was taken aback by the strange question and did not reply immediately. Gurudev continued “Usually a girl has one boy friend, some even have two but you have got five boy friends. How do you manage to meet all of them.? You have asked one of them to meet you at 5 o’ clock in the morning. Do you think this is right.? On hearing this she became nervous and speechless and even the camera team was dumbfounded. Destiny has its own way. The girl’s father was also present there. The girl left the shooting saying, “How does Swami Ji know all about this?”

A similar incident took place in Mumbai. The shooting was on during the night, Gurudev was looking at the light-boy standing nearby and said to him, “Everyday you beat your wife, drink alcohol and take drug every day and then you beat your wife mercilessly. This is not right. Until you stop beating her, you will not be happy, stop doing this.” On hearing this initially, the lightboy was in a shock and then he asked Gurudev for forgiveness. However, Gurudev closed his eyes and sat silently.

When asked about this, Gurudev said, “After meditation when I sit for these shoots, I am aware of people present here and also their entire families. The whole scene of the diseases, miseries, problems of the people present around merge in front of my eyes.”

The shooting was going on during a late night. Gurudev looked at the cameraman and said, “Son, your mother is very sick at this time, she can not even get up from bed, I want you to immediately contact your home.” When the cameraman contacted his family, he found that Gurudev was right and the cameraman left for home immediately.
Similarly, there was another incident during a late night shoot. While shooting the cameraman went into a deep sleep when Gurudev was talking about the condition of a person’s disease. Someone tried to wake the cameraman up. Gurudev stopped him to do so and said ‘‘Let him sleep. He has not slept for three nights. He is very much tired. I have made him sleep. Exactly after three minutes he himself will wake up and will be fresh.’’

The entire unit was astonished to see it happen exactly as Gurujee had said.

Recognition of a Dead Person

Wonderful incidents which took place during the shooting made the ‘Leelas’ (plays) of Gurudev more mysterious and surprising. During the shooting of the 7th episode of the programme, a photograph of young man which had been sent from Rajasthan, was shown to Gurudev. In a simple words Gurudev said “What do you want to know about him.? What to speak about a person who expired two years back.” When this was found true after an enquiry, the camera team was in wonder. Every one started thinking as to how did Gurudev come to know about the death of the young man who had already expired two years back.

Recognition of an Old Photograph

In an episode of the programme, Gurudev was shown a photograph of one gentleman named Shri Rishi Kumar Verma.
The photograph was very old. Gurudev saw the photo and immediately said, “This photograph is approximately 15 years old when the person had diseases. Now 15 years later, the man is a victim of many serious diseases, particularly, he is suffering from heart disease.” The amazing thing was that at that point of time Mr. Verma was in a hospital due
to heart disease.


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