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How can Pujya Gurudevji tell about a person by looking at his photograph and even without the photograph…

As Gurudev’s meditation grew deeper, now it was not necessary for him to see a photograph. He could now achieve the same accuracy even without seeing a photograph.  

This was evident on 10th and 11th October, 2003 in Shimla, where Prabhu Kripa Samagam was organised. Two days after the completion of the Samagam, Shimla’s S D M, Shri Rakesh Sharma Ji along with his family came to meet Gurudev. He asked Gurudev about himself and his family. Soon after this Shri Sharma Ji’s wife said “ Gurujee, my mother is seriously ill. I want to know about her, but I do not have her photo right now.”  

In a simple way Gurudev said, “It does not matter, I will meditate and tell you about her. You do not worry. Everything will be alright by God’s grace.” After saying this Gurudev closed his eyes for sometime and then opening his eyes, he stated her mother’s problems and started giving remedies for the same. 

Similarly in Shimla at a journalists gathering, after the question and answers, the journalists started asking about themselves and their relatives. In a simple way Gurudev was satisfying every journalist. One journalist asked that he would like to know about his friend but did not have his photograph right then. Gurudev replied that it did not matter. Saying this he closed his eyes for a few seconds and then opening them, he started stating the journalist’s friend’s problems and remedies for the same.  

When Gurudev was asked as to which science is this, how he could by only seeing the photo of a person, tell about his physical diseases, problems and troubles. Gurudev simply said, “This is the science of God”. He elaborated. “After meditation, prayers and worship, God blesses me with this grace. When I see any person’s photo, I am one with that person and I myself start feeling the pain and troubles of that person, understand his problems and then very easily I can describe his problems.” He further said, “This is God’s grace, I have received it from my Satguru after great efforts. If any other person also makes efforts, he will also be able to do it.”  

During the programme it was noted that Gurudev could not only tell about the person whose photo was brought to him but also of that person’s family members, their pain, suffering and problems. He added, “ The secret is that inside an individual lies his entire family. That is why, by God’s grace, I can do it easily.” 


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