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Maykhana: A Mystifying Enigma

His Holiness Mahabramrishi Shree Kumar Swami Ji indited a collection of sacred writings/verses combined together to form a Divine Entity in itself named “Maykhana.” At a mere age of 12, Gurudev Ji penned down the essence of the Supreme Being and the ecstasy of knowing and embracing our Creator in the holy stanzas of Maykhana, which was honoured by many dignitaries – the President of India; the late poet, Harivansh Rai Bachchan; along with numerous such prominent writers and officials.

“Maykhana” literally translates to “an alehouse” or “a tavern,” popularly called “a pub” or “a bar” today – an establishment selling alcoholic beverages. This spiritual epic transcribes the Holy Spirit as the ultimate “Saaqi” and its elixir as the ultimate “Paymana,” a drink poured by God himself for humanity that leads not only to the point of salvation, but far beyond.

This poetic paragon is dedicated to that “Saaqi” (the Divine Being) whose wholesome elixir elicited a great passion within the writer’s “bejaan kalam” (lifeless pen) to render spontaneous flutterings on the heart of the paper –

“Samarpan uss saaqi ko jiska jaam pee kar yeh bejaan kalam anaayaas hi kagaz ke seene par machal uthi hai.”

Gurudev Ji’s masterly craftsmanship exceeds the realms of the possible as He has blessed and enriched our lives with the existence of this revered book which is no less than a scripture. The sheer bliss of reading each couplet cannot be expressed in mere words of any language. Guided by Divine Inspiration, Gurudev Ji composed this epitome of poesy to rid mankind of all human sufferings. Every individual is set to undergo a distinct and vivid experience while reading holy Maykhana. It is an adventure in itself and its glory cannot be sung by a thousand hymns or poems.


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