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Doctors answered, ask almighty when you’ll get all-right?

13 years old child got rid of incurable disease

Imagine what an 11 years child feels when he innocently asks from the doctor that why he is not getting well from his incurable disease and the doctors smilingly answered we do not know, you ask the almighty? This question was put up by a 13 years old child Aman Kumar of Chandigarh.

When Aman Kumar was six years old, he started suffering from some kidney disease which was caused swelling in his body. Aman Kumar took regular treatment for six years.

During the treatment, the doctors told him that his disease would get cured when he would turn 11 years old. When Aman Kumar turned 11 years old, his disease became more severe. In his letter, Aman Kumar tells that after he turned 11, his health condition started deteriorating further. His stomach was filled up with water and his whole body was swollen. Due to swelling he was unable to open his eyes. In spite of prolonged treatment and spending a lot of money, his problem was becoming more severe. Doctor Aman Kumar advised to go to PGI. Doctors at PGI were surprised to see the swelling and were unable to decide how to treat Aman Kumar because swelling was too severe.

The doctors looked at the previous photograph of Aman Kumar and started giving him treatment. In such a situation of despair, mother of Aman Kumar received the paath of beej mantras from pujya Sadgurudev Ji.

During the treatment, his mother started reciting the paath regularly.

Aman Kumar writes that after reciting the paath, he started recovering and all his reports were showing normal status. On 16 August 2016, when the tests were done again, the reports were completely normal. By the grace of God, Aman Kumar is completely healthy today. He was weighing 58 kg when he was suffering from the disease and now his weight has come done to 48 kg and Aman Kumar is feeling fit and fine.

Aman Kumar

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