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Amazing effect of recitation of divine Beej Mantras Won one Gold medal and three Silver medals in South Asian Games

There is amazing power in the divine beej mantras being given by revered Sadgurudev Ji and through this power impossible task becomes possible, Smt. Manju Ghai from Jalandhar, Punjab told that by reciting divine Beej Mantras and the grace of God, her son Aman Ghai won one Gold medal and three Silver medals in the South Asian Games 2016, Sri Lanka, thereby bringing glory to the country. In her written experience, Smt. Manju Ghai writes that she and her husband had received divine beej mantras from revered Sadgurudevji for the success of their son Aman Ghai. Through the regular recitation of divine beej mantras their dream came true.

Aman Ghai


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