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Stopped Taking Insulin

Smt. Jaya Bharodkar

Smt. Jaya Barodkar, Mumbai writes that when she got herself tested for diabetes, the report showed 450 which is considered very high diabetes level. When the test was done for the second time, the diabetes level was again very high. She was admitted to the hospital and was given insulin injection in every half-an-hour. After two days she was discharged from the hospital. Doctor prescribed her to take two insulin injections everyday. Soon she developed other health issues of skin allergy, urine infection and ache in feet. She was worried and tensed. But she started attending her school and continued the divine Paath of Beej Mantras regularly. She started attending satsang at Dham centers on Sundays and made sure to do so twice a month. In satsang, she used to pray to Pujya Gurudev to heal her. Meanwhile another blood test was done and the report received on 7th July, the diabetes level was almost normal. Doctor stopped insulin injections and prescribed her to take two pills a day. She did not believe that she would get rid of insulin injections so soon. Now, she is completely healthy, her skin allergy and urine infection too got cured. She attends school regularly and does her daily chores at home. Life is peaceful. Pujya Guruji, thank you for your grace on us, she writes.

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Medical Report before divine paath
Medical Report after divine paath


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